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Recommended link: Iran’s response offers bleak outlook for Baha’is and human rights

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UN The UN Human Rights Council, where Iran’s Universal Periodic Review outcome session took place. (UN Photo)

Sadly the most recent statement made by the Bahá’í International Community to the United Nations Human Rights Council indicates that the Bahá’í community, amongst others, is as far away as ever from attaining equal rights as law abiding citizens of Iran. Below is an extract from the news article: for the full post see link.

GENEVA — Iran’s limited and conditional acceptance of just two out of ten recommendations made by other governments about its ongoing persecution of Baha’is today suggests there will be no significant change in government policy in the near future – and a bleak outlook for human rights generally in Iran.

“The sad reality is that Iran has largely refused to accept recommendations made by the international community that it end discrimination against Baha’is, offering instead to the Human Rights Council…

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