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Looking For My Next Documentary

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The ‘happening-now -cyclone’, Marcia, has let me know that my next documentary will  definitely not be about cyclone recovery. I can let go of that ‘natural disaster recovery theme.’ After Yasi – Finding the Smile Within is there for anyone that wants to read it and walk in the shoes of Cassowary Coastal locals. I have been on that pathway, with friends, family and community.

I venture out to a meeting with independent documentary makers in Brisbane, where guests from the Asia /Pacific, will be present. It’s time to reignite my film making journey once more. This is the first time I will meet local filmmakers.

After a year of hibernating, writing a memoirs and several picture book drafts, taking photographs of ripples, cricket, tree planting, a friend’s exhibition and nature walks and mainly meeting writers for children and youth – it’s time to…

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