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Making the most of the spoonfuls of health- Talitha Kalago author of LifeSphere


It is a great honour to welcome Talitha Kalago as a guest blogger to Writing Sagas.   Here’s her take on making the most of your health, and the sacrifices she makes to embrace a writing life.

I am chronically ill. So chronically ill, that on a bad week I can’t cook for myself, clean the house or do my own shopping. I take 33+ pills a day and there is no cure—there is barely even a treatment. At the very best, my doctors hope to make me comfortable.

I am 28.

So please understand that when I say ‘I have to make big sacrifices for my writing’, I am not talking about holidays or settling for a cheaper car. My dream is to be able to support myself with my writing. And by support myself I mean ‘buy a house/afford a mortgage and pay my bills’. It’s not a…

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