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Sand in the Sole

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Allan Lake in Italy – one of the places that inspires his poetry Today’s guest poet is Allan Lake. I’ve known Allan since I was…

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Uncaging the voice, uplifting the spirit – the poetry of Mavash Sabet

‘We shout as loudly as we can but our voices too are caged/and day after day death is denied as well as aid./No one listens, no one hears this wingless … Continue reading

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Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild

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Sally A Knornschild is one of the Soul food bloggers I met  on the Serpentine Road, through Heather Blakey’s creative story worlds maze  and writing trigger blogs. She was…

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Blowing Soap Bubbles

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Blowing Bubbles – By June Perkins These rainbow globes glide gracefully in floating swirls of atmosphere. Their fragile skin’s a soapy layer imprisoning a clutch…

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Bark Telephone

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Mere- Flickr Creative Commons – Each clump of bark upon this tree is like a phone line to the past, just place a piece…

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Making the most of the spoonfuls of health- Talitha Kalago author of LifeSphere

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From Flickr Creative Commons Angus Veitch/SmokenMirrors It is a great honour to welcome Talitha Kalago as a guest blogger to Writing Sagas.   Here’s her take…

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Keeping the Magic Alive: Writing Sagas Guest Dimity Powell

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It was a real pleasure to catch up with Dimity Powell, who I meet with online every Monday for the Monday Writing Sprint Group.  This was…

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It’s All in the SideTracks

Jenni  was out having a smoke the first time we really had a chat. I am not a smoker, but was at a large conference and decided to have a … Continue reading

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Prose is Walking, Poetry is Dancing

Prose is Walking, Poetry is Dancing – with Hazel Menehira   JUNE: Tell me a bit about yourself Hazel, and why you write?  I know a bit from your profile … Continue reading

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Why Write – A Conversation of Soul Fooders

What makes us write and what makes us writers. The following conversation was held in a Soul Food Forum moderated by Heather Blakey also known as E. late February to … Continue reading

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