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I have “virtually” set sail on the SS Vulcania, a creation of Soul Food. It is an interesting venture involving both collaboration and introspection in one’s own cabins. My character in Unity Bell. She comes from a small island and has pet gecko, Speck. She also has a shell of prophecy and has just hopped on board. To understand more of this world go to Unity’s Cabin and follow the links, particularly my compass links. Some friends and I recently visited another writing group up the road from us and it was a wonderful and inspiring day. Hearing new voices reading their work was awesome and seeing their project, an anthology for Anzac Day, was fantastic. We were so inspired we decided to work on an anthology for our community and its in the works, more announcements on this when we’ve shaped it more. I’ve also joined a poetry network on line and that’s a pretty interesting group which is growing all the time, with 53 poets I think at last count.


Last year I took writing workshops once a week at a primary school- and we produced a small school anthology. I’ve managed to collect some awesome resources – books, picture books, cards, photos etc to facilitate writing workshops. I am continuing to develop songs as well, and would love to attend workshops on this. I am finding the songs are developing over time and I am waiting quite a while before I sing them publicly in case I add riffs etc to them. It is fabulous to have some great writing friends on the journey of life, and I really treasure time with them as we share this passion for writing and it binds us together. Well that’s my news at present. I’ll be back to post some samples of work. I do continue as an RE teacher and I will be back to blog on that occasionally and organise the resources to be easier to find. Ah so MUCH to do.

You can read more about my imaginative journey with the Soul Food Mob, on the SS Vulcania – simply visit Unity’s Cabin. If I haven’t blogged here in a while that is probably where I am !

(C) June/Pearlz


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