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Behold the Tree!

Be Illumined

So on Monday night the tree installation, a paper craft wonder, our 3d sculpture, to celebrate the Bicententary of the Birth of the Bab, was shared in Toowong, Brisbane.

Our Tree of Divine Unity was mentioned in the program:

The tree is a powerful symbol in most religions, often representing the covenant that has always existed been man and God.  The tree that you see here, in one sense represents the Bab, also divine revlations and the unity of mankind. 

We invite you now to please make a contributions to our collaborative art project in acknowledgement of the Bab and his life.

Here are some more images of the tree.

Thank you so much to all who participated in creating our symbol of unity.

There are plans to take it to the next Nineteen Day feast so that the community can view it again.

The tree may be going on…

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