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Working on Project X

Ripple Poetry

Arrival of a mentor text

My next poetry work doesn’t have a title. It’s a work in progress, drawing on my life, sense of being in the world and Australia as a woman of colour, a lover of actions beyond words, and just to make sense of this thing we call prejudice. It might include photographs, memoir, metaphor, lyricism, and is inspired by the many poets in the world, who in someway might lead me on my own journey, to understand why I write, where I am going and who I might become if I choose.

June Perkins

All the mentor texts gathered!

One of the inspirations for why I write is the next generation!

 So you might ask yourself why do you write? Do you like the idea of it? Do you like the idea of an author? Or do you write to understand to release the tough memories…

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