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‘A Children’s Literature Centre’ Symposium Reflections

by June Perkins

Can we dare to dream for a Centre of Children’s Literature in Queensland? Is it a building? Is it a desk to begin with in someone else’s building with a hub of activity radiating out from that point? What are its goals? Who are the clients? Where will it be located and why? Who are the stakeholders?  How do we work with community to find out what they truly want and then make it happen? Non-profit? Fees based? Government grants pros and cons?  What will happen in such a centre?

On the 20th of June, around 40 participants from the Queensland community including: writers, librarians, universities, teachers, students, Book Links, children book council representatives, and Write Links members, gathered for a symposium for a children’s literature centre for Queensland. They were given four thought provoking case studies of different motivations…

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