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Rainforest Writing Retreat


withMrMarsden John Marsden and June Perkins

On the weekend I attended the Rainforest Writing Retreat organised by Charmaine Clancy and was blessed to meet author John Marsden.

What a humble and gracious human being, patiently signing books and answering the questions of fans. I wrote a creative piece from one of the writing exercises he gave us during the masterclass and volunteered to read it.

The exercise: ‘Write about a Rainforest without using the letter a.’ I had to describe a waterfall, rainforest, and a mountain climb without saying any of those words.

We had 5 minutes to write. I was so delighted that Mr Marsden liked my poem, and said it was publishable.

He encouraged me to stand up and read it loudly and confidently.

(More stories on the Rainforest Writing Retreat coming soon).

roleplayjohnmarsden Master Class Role Play – Don’t use an s

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