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2015-10-27 032 Some of our Kickstarter Rewards – Aren’t they so cute!

These critters, after much searching, have been located to become part of the Magic Fish Dreaming family.

They are super delightful and even cuter when you see them in real space.  The crocodile is cuddly and he is behaving himself and has promised not to eat anyone, but be a caretaker.

They have been pleased to know that many of them are featured in the book, Magic Fish Dreaming, and glad to know that we care about them.

They are enjoying their stop over at June’s house until the kickstarter begins – which dear friends may be in early January 2016 (to be confirmed).

The thing about adventures is you never know what it around the corner, and well these dear creatures said, ‘we really need a bit more time to get everything right for that kickstarter, don’t we June…

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