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How to Write a Space Adventure with Karen Tyrrell


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Regulars to my blog may well remember previous visits from Karen.  What you might not know is that recently Karen Tyrrell recently won a major mental health achievement award.  However, this space Adventure, Jo Kin Battles the It, is a slight departure from Karen’s previous books. For those who haven’t come across her books before though, Karen Tyrrell is an award-winning Brisbane based, ‘resilience ‘author, who publishes on this theme for both children and adults.   Her earlier books, like Stop the Bully,  have dealt with themes like bullying and mental health.

I took the chance to find out what motivated Karen to write a space adventure.

1. JUNE: This is a departure from your usual ‘present day and time’ themes, what attracted you to write a space adventure?

KAREN: I’m an avid sci-fi fan and created a hilarious space adventure as a comedic escape when writing my recovery memoir,

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One comment on “How to Write a Space Adventure with Karen Tyrrell

  1. karenwrites19
    November 8, 2015

    Hi June
    Thanks for your awesome support for Jo-kin Battles the It and my work as a resilience author
    Jo-kin Battles the It shows science and STEM themes ,,, available on Amazon.
    Download FREE teacher resources from

    Cheers… Karen Tyrrell 🙂

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