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Rodriguez under the Stars, Garden Stage Brisbane

A concert to remember.

Following the Crow Song

I was lucky to attend Rodriguez with my family just a few days ago. I want to keep a record of this memory on my blog.

Rodriguez’s voice is still pristine, even at 72 years.

He sang as you would expect his own songs which many know from the movie or his two albums, ‘Sugarman’  and’ Establishment Blues’ were massive crowd favourites. He also did covers of ‘Blue Suede Shoes,’ and ‘Fever.’

He began the concert introduced I think by his daughter (she introduced the whole band), wearing a visor to protect his eyes from the lighting show and then after a few songs took off the visor and put on his black top hat, which the crowd erupted at.

The lead guitarist was brilliant, making use of pedal guitar effects to texture the songs and Rodriguez generously gave him (and the drummer as well) plenty of space to do some…

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