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Books and Brunch with Pam

Meeting up with Pam Galeano

Pearlz Dreaming

Catching up with Pam for brunch at New Farm – October 4th

On Saturday I was delighted to catch up with my dear friend Pam Galeano, who was doing a visit to family and promoting her books, now available at New Farm Editions, and being the special lady she is before doing her author duties she treated me and my daughter to a birthday brunch as a present.

She has written five picture books over the last few years,Glissandra the Glider, Hull River Rolley, Elmo the orphan, Count Back Crocodile, and Cassowary Coast Count on Country, so next time you are over at New Farm Editions look for them on the shelves.

She has worked closely with three illustrators, all themselves talented ladies. I was fortunate to attend a few of the local launches in the Cassowary Coast.  Pam was one of the first people to make…

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