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Alesa Lajana’s Preview Concert

Hope to feature an interview with Alesa soon.

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Last weekend my family went to Alesa Lajana’s Hidden History preview concert at Mt Tambourine, at Club Zamia.

Alesa, with support from the exceptional Kirk Lorange, performed her album preview to an intimate crowd of friends, family and the public from her home town and Brisbane.  Many songs were performed for the very first time in public.

She told us intriguing and moving background stories to each of them.  The purpose of this collection of songs is to give voice to forgotten or ignored Aboriginal people and to share their stories which lie hidden in our landscapes (review coming). Some of these songs have been co-written with notable artists such as Shane Howard and Amy Saunders as well as that she has collaborated with the poet Sam Wagan Watson.

Her research is creating an album especially directed at a ‘white’ or ‘European’ Australia that still doesn’t always show respect for…

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