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Beginning the Polish

Yes, I am working on some books.

Following the Crow Song

Dancingintoslipstreamlarge A possible cover for an upcoming book – bringing my poetry on Art and Spirituality together – June

My blog is the place where the journey to my books has begun.

I have fed them continuously just like journals with drafts and polished works.

Blogs have helped me make writing, remembering, reflecting and imagining a regular practice.

They have encouraged me to make photography a regular practice.

Through reading others blogs I have found storytellers, poets, writers, travellers, film makers, and people who want to bring peace to the world through art.They have inspired me with their journeys, writing, photographs and blogs.

Blogs helped me so much when I lived in the country and sometimes felt cut off from a larger creative world.

Blogs helped me heal from the damage of a cyclone to  my old home and become a community journalist.

My own blogs have become a resource full…

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