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Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild

Another author interview on Pearlz Dreaming.



Sally A Knornschild is one of the Soul food bloggers I met  on the Serpentine Road, through Heather Blakey’s creative story worlds maze  and writing trigger blogs.

She was a great support when I first set out into the world of blogging and then more creative fantastical writing.  It was  interesting to hear how she feels about writing.

 1) What is easiest about writing for you?

This is the hardest question! I have a great love of reading and words put together in sentences that invoke emotional, visual, or inspirational responses. Reading and writing have always sustained me during difficult times and gave me something to do during those vast times of being alone which I preferred.

 2) What is the most difficult?

The most difficult part of writing is just doing it. Writing is so much a part of me that I sometimes feel guilty making it a…

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